About Us

Compu Jordan

PC Jordan is a leading distributor for LG ; Partner with Lenovo , HP, Kingston, Canon, computer products Jordan based company in Amman.


PC Jordan is a sister company of PC International is part of Protech Enterprises Inc., a leading distributor for computer hardware in the USA. Protech Enterprises Inc. was established in 1989 in the USA and since it's foundation has grown to be one of the leading companies in the business of distribution of computer hardware. Having established a firm footing in the US market, the target of Protech Enterprises Inc was to extend its services in the field of computer hardware to the Middle East. To achieve this goal, PC International was established in Dubai and PC Jordan was established in Jordan.


PC International is chiefly concerned with exporting computer hardware; PC Jordan is into servicing the local Jordanian market.

With our expertise in the field of computer hardware built over years of dedicated work and our focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we can assure you a long lasting relationship based on commitment and quality, second to none. 


Compu Jordan was established in 2010 by PC Jordan Corporation, we aim to serve the consumers directly through establishing a Show room specialized in selling Computers (Desktops and Laptops), & parts of different types , we offer our customers the latest technologies .

Our experienced employees are so helpful, and are always ready to provide consultation and advice to our customers.

Due to the grace of God Compu Jordan is now known as the place with the widest & the most variant company providing electronics, computer parts, devices and peripherals, we offer our customers more than 75 International brands models of laptops and latest technologies.

Our company is well known for its after sales services and trusted warranty.