ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti OC Edition 12GB GDDR6X

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  • NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors: The all-new Ampere SM provides 2X the FP32 throughput and better power efficiency, and is the foundation for the world's fastest, most efficient GPUs.
  • 2nd Generation RT Cores: Get double the throughput of 1st Generation RT Cores, with concurrent RT and shading for an entirely new level of ray tracing performance.
  • Tensor Cores of the Third Generation: With structural sparsity and powerful AI techniques like DLSS, you can get up to 2X the throughput. These cores provide a significant improvement in game performance as well as all-new AI capabilities.
  • Boost clock 1845 MHz (OC mode)/ 1815 MHz (standard mode) (Gaming mode)
  • More fan blades and a reversed rotational motion for the central fan have been added to the Axial-tech Fan Design.

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